"Ira has been my daughter’s piano for 4 years now and in that time, she has proven time & time again how dedicated and professional she is when teaching her students. Her passion for this instrument is obvious and she tries to pass on this passion on to her students. She is always willing to go above & beyond to ensure that the students gain as much as possible from each lesson. Highly recommended"
Simony Kolitsas

"Ira taught my son piano for a year in 2012.  As his first ‘personal’ piano teacher, she taught him the rudiments of music; sight-reading, rhythm, scales, performance techniques and music theory. Ira was a wonderful teacher, instilling a passion for music. She is always punctual and prepares her lessons well to maximise the 30-minute lesson we have.  In this regard, she varies her lessons and successfully manages to keep the attention of a young child.  She challenged my son to constantly set higher standards for himself.  While she is patient with children, she strikes a good balance in instilling discipline.  She reinforces the need for accuracy and perfection. Ira always tries her best to teach beyond.  She makes it a point to explain music theory even if it is beyond the level a student is at.  My son made significant progress during his time with her. We are grateful for the foundation she has given him. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a music teacher."
Joyce Ng

"Ira is one of the best piano teachers I have ever met. I love her teaching method and also the patience that she has with my kids".
Zahra Kanber

"When I asked my 8 year-old what do you like about Ira, she simply replied, "She is fun!" My daughter, Agustin, has been learning piano with Ira for nearly 2 years now. She will be doing her very first Piano examination this year. Agustin loves playing piano because Ira always tries to make learning fun and easy at her level. Ira communicates to my 8 year-old in many innovative ways keeping her enthusiastic even in learning history that could be a challenge for little kid. Ira not only corrects her technique, but also teaches her to appreciate music through self-expression and music history. I definitely recommend Ira for her professionalism and passion for teaching children."
Hazel Tan

"Ira is a patient, benevolent, and generous teacher and she is always dedicated to her piano teaching. And under three years of her teaching I have obtained a range of achievements and excel among others. I have enjoyed myself under her guidance to successfully accomplish my pursuit and put my accumulative knowledge to good use. She is a teacher that I think you will like of her teaching as I have enjoyed."
Xiao Kang Zhang

"Ira has been teaching my daughter for the last 4 years. My 11year old daughter Liat has thrived under Ira's guidance and has progressed up to grade 5 piano. Ira has taught, encouraged and nurtured my daughter's skills so much so that she enjoys practicing regularly. We have recently started piano lessons for my son with Ira and he is also taking to it and practises often without prompting! Thank you Ira for all your commitment."
Raquel Grossman

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Ira since January 2012 when she took over the piano tuition of our daughters Lauren and Kaitlyn.  Both girls had been taught for many years by a very capable piano teacher who had decided to move to the country. Ira had to pick up our eldest daughter at the beginning of AMEB grade 7 and our youngest daughter grade 4.  Both girls rapidly warmed to a new teacher with our eldest daughter Lauren coming to consider Ira to be a dear friend. Under Ira’s guidance Lauren went on to achieve an A in both grade 7 in 2012 and grade 8 in 2013.  She also achieved an A+ in 6th grade musicianship in April 2013.  Lauren is now, under Ira’s guidance preparing for her AMus in piano.  She is also studying for her Bachelor of Music at UNSW. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ira as an outstanding piano and music theory teacher".
Pauline Sandeman