Tuition: Lessons are billed in advance for each term, which run in tandem with the public school dates.


Creative Kids Provider

As a registered Creative Kids provider, you can use your $100 voucher with us. If you would like to do so, all you need to do is forward your original creative kids voucher with your child’s DOB across to us.

*A Creative Kids voucher cannot be applied retrospectively so the original voucher with your child’s DOB must be provided before term payment is due.

For more information regarding the fantastic Creative Kids program provided by the support of the NSW government, you can visit the NSW Gov Service Site.

Absences: We require at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations, however refunds are not offered. We will do our best to find a mutually convenient time for a make–up lesson for cancellations due to emergency or illness. In the unlikely event that the teacher cannot attend a lesson, we will organise an alternative time for a make–up lesson within the same term or holidays afterwards.

​The more notice given, the more flexibility you have to reschedule. Look at your schedule in advance. 

Missed Lessons: Lesson times are standing appointments; a student’s lesson time is reserved for only them each week, and it is their responsibility to attend. Dance classes and sports teams do not offer reimbursements if you cannot attend a rehearsal or game – music lessons are no different. Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  I will then use that time or other times to plan for the student’s progress, locate materials, etc. Please be assured that tuition pays for far more than the time spent during lessons.

We encourage a spirit of goodwill while still respecting and safeguarding our teachers’ incomes.​

Please Note that the studio is NOT closed on every national holiday. Sometimes Monday students WILL have lessons on a day when there is no school. The studio is ALWAYS closed on:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Christmas Day public holiday

​Discontinuation: Music is a lifelong pursuit, but lessons are not always possible for a multitude of reasons. Whatever the reason, I will never take discontinuation of lessons personally. Remember: if you are unsatisfied with your lessons for any reason or if you are contemplating quitting lessons, please speak freely to me about your concerns.

Discontinuation of lessons requires a 2 week notice – This gives us time to wrap up any current projects and discuss how the student can continue to follow their music goals. This also allows me the necessary time to fill that empty lesson slot. Thank you for your consideration.